• If anyone is in the mood for some delightful art about traveling, check out and support this book! There are only a couple of days left and it needs a little extra push. 

    I personally can’t wait to see what Lissy has in store for the book, so please consider contributing to the project. There is plenty of great info on the IndieGoGo page and  details about the giveaway below.



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    Let’s make this happen you guys!! <3

  • katiecandraw:

    Elsa finally wants to build a snowman…

    lineart by Katie Cook

    Color assist by the awesome Isabel Talsma! (

    I got to help Katie with one of her new prints for San Diego Comic Con! If you are at the convention, make sure to stop by her table at HH-17 in Artist’s Alley to see the print and check out her other awesome work!

    And also make sure to swing by and say hi at the Extracurricular Activities (Booth 1734) where I’ll be helping throughout the week!

  • Rolling out a new look for my icon on various forms of social media! This little self portrait was made for my new business cards (finished just in time for SDCC) using a mix of paper cutting and digital painting. Hope these turn out once I get them back from the printer!

  • Meant to post these ages ago – some of my favorite looks from this year’s MET Gala in super quick sketchy form! Probably won’t touch these again, so I figured I would share them in their various states of sketchiness.

    From L-R: Beyoncé, Anne Hathaway, Dita Von Teese, Liu Wen, Emma Stone, Claire Danes, Janelle Monae, Blake Lively, Felicity Jones, and Taylor Swift.

  • italsma:

    Welcome to Montana.

    A recent commission I did as a wedding gift for a family friend. They were married in Montana and sent out postcards of vintage travel posters for their save-the-dates. The design (with a few personal touches added) was based on the card they sent us. The original can be seen here.

    Just looking back through some of my older works and had completely forgotten about this one! I loved working on this little wedding gift for our family friend – maybe I’ll make a few more down the road!

  • Avocado!

    I’ve been practicing with patterns in Photoshop this week, including whipping up this deliciously avocado themed background for my new Twitter profile. It was super fun and easy to make this one, so I’ll definitely be trying more out in the future.

    You can also follow me on Twitter at isabeldoodles!

  • WonderCon and C2E2

    I am traveling a lot in the next couple weeks, including heading to both WonderCon in Anaheim and C2E2 in Chicago! I will be helping the lovely Katie Cook at her booth and I won’t have any of my work with me, but if anyone is headed to those conventions, definitely stop by to say hello! Table AA-161 at WonderCon and TBD for C2E2.

    Hope to see you there!

  • A little practice piece with some gouache I had sitting around! Small step toward a solidified portfolio idea, perhaps…